Physics – Nature Expressing Itself

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What is Physics? Simply put, Physics is the study of Nature. Physics is the oldest branch of Science, initially in the form of Philosophy, only developing into precision science after the 16th Century or so. Physics is the most fundamental of all sciences as everything about the Universe, of the Universe and by the Universe is Physics.

Physics gives all the fundamental concepts of Nature vital to human understanding of the Universe. Ever since our childhood, we have been gazing at the night sky and wondering how and why the moons and the stars are there shining up so far. What exists beyond them? Where did they come from?

Humans have been asking big questions about our existence, the planets and stars, about the world around us, about the beautiful mountains and trees, the color of the sky and so on. The answer to all our questions is Physics. Physics is the way to understand the world we live in, our Universe. Physics is the way Nature behaves, the way it expresses itself with its beautiful complexity, dynamic behaviour and well, you and me! There are certain laws which Nature or say the Universe follows. Thus, everything you observe around, every bit of it is following some or the other law of the universe. And Physics tries to understand those laws and study the Universe using them.

We will now see in what all areas of modern day science and technology does Physics make a strong impact. Well, all of them! Physics is the most fundamental thing to any form of science – Chemistry, Biology, etc. Even all the Technology we use today is a gift of Physics. Without Physics, it would have been impossible to have any of the technology we have today – Computers, Electricity, Automobiles, Mobile Phones and Communications, Electronics, Cameras, Spaceships, etc.

Name 1 cool thing and there is nothing but Physics to it! So, you can see why Physics is so useful to the understanding of the universe and also to mankind.

Physics has been responsible for many and I would say, most of the revolutions in the history of humans, from Archimedes to Einstein and Hawking. From stone age to modern day technology. Physics spurred the era of Industrialization and Technology. Cool things like GPS on your mobile phone and internet all work on the laws of Physics.

Let’s begin our journey to understand every aspect of the Universe from nature to man-made things with the study of Physics. On our way, we will learn about the coolest stuff about the Universe and awesome things about modern day Technology, all of which are based on Physics.

It’s really not at all difficult to understand physics. It’s a beautiful subject and the most precise as well. Starting today, let’s begin our long and wonderful journey to understand the beautiful and awesome physics of nature. You might get bored at times in between but don’t worry, more interesting things are always waiting to take your breath away! Physics is the quest for the ultimate truth, the ultimate answers about the Universe.

A person who studies Physics and is well versed with the basics of Physics is called a Physicist aka a Scientist. Aryabhata, Galileo, Newton, Einstein, Feynman, Hawking all are therefore Physicists. So here is how Physics works. Physicists give theories with laws based on observations of events in the Universe like the theory of Gravity by Newton. Then, they verify the theories or its predictions by doing an experiment.

If the results of the experiment are the same as predicted by theory, then the theory is accepted. But it is not easy as it sounds. So, you see there is absolutely no place for wrong things and wrong ideas in Physics. Everything, every bit of it is verified to an extremely accurate extent. And that is why you can trust physics, the idea of it and its applications.

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