Top 3 Highest Rated 55 inch 4k TVs

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Television is no longer just a tech box to bring the latest news. In this current technological era, TVs are an everyday experience, more so the 55 inch TV. The 55″ is a very popular TV size. In any case, big screens are what are preferred in the electronic market today. This applies to not only smartphones and tablets, but also to televisions. It is all about how big it is and how much it is. For some people, buying a TV may never come down to anything more than that. The sizes range all the way from 10 inches to 70 inches and more. Consequently, the bigger the screen the better the resolution is required to be.

However, the quality of the TV should also be a fundamental factor in the purchase of one. What goes into consideration is the resolution, the design, and the audio including other major essentials that depends on one’s preferred specifications. Below is a list of the Top 3 Highest Rated 55 inch 4k TVs courtesy of its high resolution and efficiency.

Sony XBR55X900C 4K UHD

This is the TV to go for especially for the fans of video games. It has excellent and incredible motion control. It ought to be among the Top 3 Highest Rated 55 inch 4k TVs. Its technology has created a 4K-like picture with normal everyday resolution signals. It has a wider display technology that ensures a fantastic picture quality. It produces much more realism and true-to-life color renditions than most of Sony’s competitors, and in general takes less calibration effort to obtain a proper picture solution. The X-tended Dynamic Range contrast enhancement technology works well with the Tri-luminous display to provide incredible light flow through colors and enhance areas of the on-screen picture which are lit by windows or lighting.


Samsung UN55JS9000 4K UHD

You could not be any happier with this purchase. With two front-firing speakers combined with two woofers for bass deliver 60W of high-quality sound, one enjoys an enhanced audio experience. The 4K Ultra HD being the same resolution as the movie theater, it gives you a more immersive experience, as the pixels are 4 times smaller, and you can sit much closer to the TV. It further qualifies the Top 3 Highest Rated 55 inch 4k TVs by virtue of its upgraded Quad Core processor to speed up Smart TV functionality, and a new Smart TV operating system.

LG 55LA6200

The LG 55LA6200 is the other TV model that qualifies in the Top 3 Highest Rated 55 inch 4k TVs. promises to offer you an ultimate TV viewing experience. More amazingly, it gives you the undisputed luxury to easily select features on your TV with the wave of your hand or the scroll of a wheel. The major attraction for the LG 55LA6200 is that it features thin, attractive styling with narrow bezel and sleek swivel stand; a capable, customizable Smart TV suite; accurate color and uniform screen; and is 3D-compatible, with four pairs of glasses included. You can never go wrong. The outer design is beautiful with a sleek grey colour.




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